Gallo Cloud is a space created for our clients, where they can easily access all of their branding files.



We have developed a process that allows us to respond, plan and execute all your needs quickly to a high level of quality. Now we will tell you a little bit about our branding process.

Let’s start

The first step is getting to know your business. We achieve this by giving the client a short branding form that allows us to understand who you are and what are your goals.


If your business is new, we analyze the market and potential competitors. If you are an existing business, we undertake a graphical audit of competitors.


Now, we start the process of creating ideas. We get through a lot of pencils during this phase!


The team choose the best ideas and from those we being to make tests with the logo and create applications for the brand system.

Final Details

We focus our efforts to refine the last details as we aim for you to fall in love with your new brand.


We are ready! When can we meet? Your branding fine tuned and ready to be presented.

Start yours today